No To Federal Mandates

You may think the county has to follow the “rules” handed down by the higher levels of government especially the federal government. But this is not the case! This idea is exactly the opposite of what is built into the Constitutions and is the basis of all the illegal mandates taking place. 

The sheriff’s role in protecting the people is to also protect them when the federal government overreaches. The only way this protection can be established is if the sheriff knows he has the authority to do so and he has the desire to do so. A constitutional sheriff has been taught all this!! But not many of the seriff’s in Maryland today have learned their responsibilities per the Constitutions. 

Thankfully Joe already knows the Constitution as well as he knows his Bible! The 2 go hand in hand. He is the only AACO sheriff candidate who recognizes the authority provided to the constitution and knows how to apply it and from that be able to authoritatively say NO! to the federal mandates!

More to come on this soon!